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Ancient ballads and songs of the north of Scotland, hitherto unpublished, with explanatory notes (Volume 1) – Buchan, Peter, 1790-1854

Ancient ballads and songs of the north of Scotland, hitherto unpublished, with explanatory notes (Volume 2) – Buchan, Peter, 1790-1854

Poems – Campbell, John, 1823-1897

Unpublished old Gaelic songs : with illustrative traditions – Chisholm, Colin, d. 1895

Gaelic poems – Cook, Alexander, ca. 1794-1865

Songs and poems – Donn, Rob, 1714-1778

The Celtic garland; translations of Gaelic and English songs, and Gaelic readings, [etc., etc.] – Fionn

Sar-obair nam bard gaelach : or, the beauties of Gaelic poetry and lives of the Highland bards – MacKenzie, John, 1794?-1872

Poems and songs, Gaelic and English – Mackellar, Mary, 1834-1890

The Dean of Lismore’s book : a selection of ancient Gaelic poetry from a manuscript collection made by Sir James M’Gregor, Dean of Lismore, in the beginning of the sixteenth century – Maclauchlan, Thomas, 1816-1886

Ultonian hero-ballads : Collected in the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland, from the year 1516, and at successive periods till 1870; arranged; corrected metrically and orthographically; and translated into – MacLean, Hector

Modern Gaelic bards – Macleod, Malcolm Chisholm

The book of Highland verse; an (English) anthology, consisting of (a) Translations from Gaelic. (b) English verse relating to the Highlands; ed. with introduction and biographical notes on the Gaelic poets – Mitchell, Dugald

Poems, and translations, in verse, from admired compositions of the ancient Celtic bards; with the Gaelic originals, and copious illustrative notes – Munro, Robert, of Edinburgh, fl. 1843

Minor poems and translations in verse, from admired compositions of the ancient Celtic bards, with the Gaelic, and illustrative notes – Munro, Robert, fl. 1843

The Gaelic bards, and original poems – Pattison, Thomas, 1828-1865

Selections from the Gaelic bards, metrically translated, with biographical prefaces and explanatory notes. Also, original poems – Pattison, Thomas

Select English poems : with Gaelic translations; arranged on opposite pages; also, several pieces of original Gaelic poetry. [First] – second series (Volume 1-2) – Sinclair, Archibald

The Gaelic bards from 1411 to 1517 [i.e. 1715] – Sinclair, A. Maclean (Alexander Maclean), 1840-1924

The Gaelic bards from 1825 to 1875 – Sinclair, A. Maclean (Alexander Maclean), 1840-1924

Glen Albyn, or tales of the Central Highlands with illustrations from original sketches and photographs


The claims of Ossian examined and appreciated: an essay on the Scottish and Irish poems published under that name; in which the question of their genuineness and historical credit is freely discussed: together with some curious particulars relative to the structure and state of poetry in the Celtic dialects of Scotland and Ireland – Davies, Edward, 1756-1831

Essay on the authenticity of the poems of Ossian; in which the objections of Malcolm Laing, esq. are particularly considered and refuted – Graham, Patrick, 1754?-1835

Thoughts on the origin and descent of the Gael : with an account of the Picts, Caledonians, and Scots : and observations relative to the authenticity of the poems of Ossian – Grant, James, 1743-1835

The poems of Ossian – Macpherson, James, 1736-1796

The poems of Ossian : to which are prefixed a preliminary discourse and dissertation on the aera and poems of Ossian – Macpherson, James, 1736-1796

An original collection of the poems of Ossian, Orrann, Ulin, and other bards who flourished in the same age – M’Callum, Hugh

Ossian and the Ossianic literature – Nutt, Alfred Trübner, 1856-1910

Ossian in Germany: bibliography, general survey, Ossian’s influence upon Klopstock and the bards – Tombo, Rudolf, 1875-191

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