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  Earail Dhurachdach
  Author:  Alleine, Ioseph
Published:  Edinburgh:
E. Collie. 1822

Eachdraidh Sgriobtural Ioseiph
The History of Joseph

  Published:  Edinburgh: D.R. Collie.   Format pdf
  An Dreuchd Airson Frithealaidh a Chomanachaidh Naoimh   Author:  The Episcopal Church in Scotland
Published: Edinburgh:
J. Goldie and Co. 1847
  Format pdf
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  Urnaighean Eisdeachd airson Chloinne
Small book of children’s prayers
  Author: The Catholic Church
Published: Clapham:
Clodh N. Ealasaid, 1888
  Format pdf
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Format txt

Beachdan Aithghearr
The sacrifices of Christ, the necessity of the Holy Spirit and religion along with spiritual hymns.

  Author: Farcharson, Gilleasbuig.
Published: Glasgow, J. & P. Campbell
  Format pdf
  Deagh Shaighdear
Biography of Rob Annan
  Author: MacaPersain, Iain
Published:  Perth:
Duncan Matheson 1869.
  Format pdf
  Riaghailtean Sdiuraidh na Beatha Criosduidh
Advice about prayer, beliefs and practices of Christian life.
  Author: Alastair Maclauruinn
Published: Edinburgh:
T. Stiubhart: , 1816
  Format pdf
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  Laoidhean Caitliceadh Airson Chloinne
Catholic hymns for children
  Author: The Catholic Church
Published:  Oban:
“Oban Times” Office, Esplanade, 1889.
  Format pdf
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  Laoidhean Bean Torra Dhamh
A collection of hymns written by Mary MacPherson of Strathspey in the 18th Century
  Author: Clark, Mary, formerly MacPherson.
Published: Inverness: 1902
  Format pdf
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Instruction For Young Enquirers

  Author: Innes, William.
Published: Edinburgh, 1827
  Format pdf

Iùl a’ Chrìosdaidh
Translation into Gaelic of the “Roman Catholic Service Book”


Author: McAnToisich, UIlleam & MacRaing, Raonull.
Published: London: 1844

  Format pdf

The Men Of The Lews

  Author: MacFarlane, Norman, C.
Published: Stornoway: “Gazette” Office, 1924
  Format pdf

Journal of Intinerating Exertions Volume 1
Dugald Sinclair, a preacher based at Bellanoch and Lochgilphead wrote this account of his travels in Argyll and the Inner Hebrides (1814 – 1817)

  Author: Sinclair, Dugald
Published: Edinburgh, Andrew Balfour, 1814
  Format pdf

Trì Searmonan
1) Pilate’s Wife’s Dream
2) Spread of Deception
3) Unexpected Divine Attendants

  Author: Spurgeon, C. H. (Charles Haddon), 1834-1892.
Published:  Edinburgh :
Turnbull & Spears, 1882
  Format pdf
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  Imcheisd Eaglais na h-Alba
Beach air Madadh alluidh air a rusgadh dhe chomhdach
Commentary on disputes within the Church of Scotland.
  Author: n/a
Published: Elgin, R Johnston, 1828
  Format pdf
  Series of Letters
Opinions on the business of the Church of Scotland
  Author: Hill, Rowland, A.M.
Published: Edinburgh, J Ritchie, 1799
  Format pdf
  Letter by John Hamilton, Advocate, to Sir George Sinclair, Bart.
Opinion on the business of the Church of Scotland
  Author: John Hamilton, Advocate
Published: Edinburgh, Bell & Bradfute, 1842
  Format pdf
  Biography of John MacRae
Biography including some sermons.
  Author: Nicolson, Rev Nicol
Published: Inverness, George Young, 1895
  Format pdf
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