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New Advent – The Catholic Encyclopedia

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Impact of the Monk – featuring the pioneers of Christianity

The Rule of St Augustine – Written about the year 400, the Rule of St. Augustine is one of the earliest guides for religious life.

Adamnan: Life of St. Columba [Medieval Sourcebook]

The Life of St. Columban, by the Monk Jonas, 7th Century [Medieval Sourcebook]

Of God and His Creatures – An Annotated Translation (With some Abridgement) of the Summa Contra Gentiles of Saint Thos Aquinas

Jocelyn, a monk of Furness: The Life of Kentigern (Mungo) [Medieval Sourcebook]

Saint Kentigern, Apostle to Strathclyde: A critical analysis of a northern saint [Medieval Sourcebook] Cynthia Whidden Green

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